Promotion Ceremony 2021

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Promotion Ceremony 2021

All 8th grade students are expected to participate in the promotion ceremony.  However, the ceremony is a privilege, not a right. 

Students may become ineligible for the promotion ceremony based on Administration's decision for reasons that may include truancy, severe and/or repeated behavioral referrals, suspension or expulsion, and lack of sufficient credits.

One hundred eighty five (185) of the possible 210 credits must be earned with a grade average of at least 1.0 (D) in order to receive an eighth grade certificate from C. K. Price Middle School.  Letters about credit status have been sent home to many students.  Progress Reports and Report Cards always include a credit count. If you have a question about your child's credits please call Marci Sanchez in the office at 865-1225 ext 4300.

Students with unpaid fees or fines will have their diploma held until all fees are paid for.

2021 C.K. Price Middle School Eighth Grade Promotion will be Tuesday, June 8, 2020.



Here is the letter given to 8th grade students: 


2021 8th Grade Promotion Information Letter