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TIGER TRACKS                                           LUNCH DETENTION every day IN ROOM 13

DAILY BULLETIN                                      AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION IN ROOM 13  M, T, Th

Monday, March 30, 2015                       ZERO PERIOD in Room 13 7:45 - 8:20

Volume 1 Issue 132


Weekend birthdays:  Joel Esquivel, Crystal Farias Maldonado, Rocco Becerra

Today's Birthdays:    Jonathan Sanchez


Today's Lunch Special:  chicken nuggets, vegies and fruit


Today's Student of the Day is KEVIN MOLINERO.  Mrs. Mathews says that Kevin has started coming in early and really taking charge of his education. He has set goals and has a plan to reach them. Mrs. Mathews is really proud of you, Kevin. Keep up the good work!


TODAY'S lunch time activity will be an obstacle course!  This activity is FREE for all to participate and the winner gets a FREE personal size pizza from Round Table!  Let's all go through the obstacle course!


Club Live Meeting TODAY in Room 31 - 3:00 - 3:30


On Friday come to school in your Hawaiian attire!!!  Let's see your Hawaiian spirit!


On Friday we have two fun activities planned. First, Mrs. Haight will be delivering cookies and pencils to the third quarter perfect attendance winners during first period. Remember, your perfect attendance for the next quarter starts next Monday, March 30. Also on April 3, we will be on modified day schedule so that all students with 40 behavior merits or more will be invited to the behavior award time for the last hour of the day. You have between now and then to earn merits back from the assigning teacher if you want to attend!


Are you feeling artistic?  Parent Club is accepting designs for the 8th grade trip t-shirts.  If you would like a chance at designing the front of the T-shirts, please submit your artwork to Ms. Proctor in Room 19 by April 15th.  A winning entry will be chosen and a gift certificate awarded to the artist!


Signups for the baseball game and bbq from TODAY through April 15 in Ms. Proctor's room.  The baseball game/bbq will be April 17 from 4:30 - 6:30.  Games will be sixth grade vs seventh grade and eighth grade vs teachers.  Listen to the bulletin for more information.


Jordan Socks discounted in the Student Store to $5 a pair!  Come buy some!


STUDENTS!!!  Great news!  The yearbook staff was successful with getting EVERYONE (who wanted to be) in the yearbook at least 2 times!!  YAY!  So that means you all definitely should buy your yearbook!  $45…they will be only $40 at Open House on Wednesday! Come by Proctor's room if you have any questions!


Don't forget, if you buy a yearbook, you get to attend the yearbook signing party at the end of the school year during a rally scheduled day!!! So buy your yearbook from Miss Proctor ASAP!!!!!


March                   30           Science Fair Judging - 3:00

                                31            6th Jamboree

                                                Science Fair Judging - 3:00

                                                Little Mermaids Play  6:00 - in gym

April                       1              Modified Day  / Friday Night Mentoring in cafeteria 3:30 - 5:00

                                                OPEN HOUSE  5:00 - 7:30

                                2              Mill Street Open House

                            6-10           Spring Break - No School



March                   30           Science Fair Judging - 3:00

                                31            Science Fair Judging - 3:00

                                                Little Mermaids Play  6:00 - in gym

April                       1              Open House -     5:00 - 6:00 Little Mermaid play

                                                                                6:00 - 6:30  Science Fair project presentations

                                                                                6:30 - 7:30  Open House - tour the campus/visit your student's classrooms

                            6-10            Spring Break - no school




Permanent Reminders: Parents, please remember, it is the law that helmets be worn by your students who are riding bikes to and from school.

  • Parents, please do not park in the bus loading zone in the front of the school even for a short time loading or unloading students.   Please use the parking lot next to the gym. 
  • Also, if your student takes the bus, please remind them that they need to get to the bus area right after school.  They should not be going out to play basketball because they are missing their bus.  Remind your student not to wander into the street or into the bus lanes.
  • If you plan on leaving for a trip, please notify the office at least 5 days prior to leaving.

·         Parents:  Please be aware that if you are on the volunteer list and have had fingerprints done, you must fill out a new volunteer request form EVERY school year but you do NOT need to redo fingerprints.  Please be sure to fill out the volunteer request form as soon as possible so we can use you as a volunteer on field trips and other school functions this school year.  You can get the form at our District Office.

·         Parents:  Please make sure that your student wears garments that are long enough over their tights, leggings, or nylons.  Garments must be no shorter than the fist when arms are hanging straight down.

·         Parents:  Please be aware that student visitors are not allowed during the school day.  The only time student visitors are allowed is with pre-arranged permission (forms to fill out, principal approval) and only during the morning before school starts and during lunch time.  Visitors must be the same grade as the student they are visiting. 


Please access this website to get information regarding Common Core http://pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2583

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