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TIGER TRACKS               


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Volume 1 Issue 166       (Monday only) DETENTION IN ROOM 25

                                                                                Morning HOMEWORK CLUB IN ROOM 13 7:30 - 8:20

                                                                                TUES -THURS - Afternoon HOMEWORK CLUB IN ROOM 25 

                                                                                LUNCH DETENTION EVERY DAY IN ROOM 13


Today's Birthdays:    Pedro Barajas, Sydney Paillon


Lunch today:  Line 1 -    cheese burger; chicken strips

                                Line 2 -    beef taco; galaxy pizza


All library books need to be returned TODAY.  Please remember that if your books are not returned or paid for, you will not be able to attend the end-of-the-year activities.


No more charging for your meals in the cafeteria after TODAY.  All meal charges must be paid by June 5!


GATE meeting in Room 5 TODAY at 3:00.


Applications are now being accepted for the Expect Success Summer!  They can be picked up at the school office, After School Programs, and the GCOE office. Dates for the camp are June 19 through July 18.  


A special 8th grade college prep test will be given by Ms. Moloney, Wednesday, May 28 in the C.K. Price media center during 6th and 7th periods. You must be an 8th grader and have a note from your English teacher to take the test. 


May       27           Wiseman 7th period to Auto Masters

                                GATE meeting in Room 5 at 3:00

                28           Modified Day

June       2              Club Live meeting in Room 31 at 3:0o

                4              Modified Day

                                Gowns will be available for purchase for $23

                                Awards Presentation  6:30 pm  By Invitation Only

                5              8th Grade to Six Flags

                6              7th Grade to Chico

                                Concert in the Park  5:00 - 7:00                     

                9              6th Grade to Hamilton City skating rink and Lollipop Land

                                Promotion practice after lunch for 8th graders!

                10            Promotion practice at OHS at 10:30

                11             8th Promotion at 7:00 pm

                                Promotion Dance  9:00 - 11:00 at OHS multi-purpose room

                12            Last day of school - Minimum Day




May                       29           Parent Club Meeting  5:45 Planning 8th grade promotion dance

June                       3              School Site Council  3:00

                                6              Concert in the Partk  5:oo pm

                                11             8th Promotion at OHS field  7:00 pm


Applications are now being accepted for the Expect Success Summer!  They can be picked up at the school office, After School Programs, and the GCOE office. Dates for the camp are June 19 through July 18.  


8th Grade Parents:  Please bring a donation of canned beverages and/or bags of chips to the school for the 8th Grade Dance.  Donations can be dropped off any time at the office.  This event is sponsored by Parent Club and FREE to all promoting students.  The dance will be held immediately following the ceremony.


Parent chaperones needed for the dance 9:00 (or following graduation) until 11 pm on June 11.


Friday May 30: Musical Theater mini-recital during class at 10:05 am.  Parents welcome!

7th Annual Concert in the Park:  Friday, June 6 at 5:00 pm. *ALL CK MUSIC STUDENTS*


Music parents:  The 7th Annual Concert in the Park is coming Friday, June 6.  Thanks to those of you who have already brought in donations!  At this time we DO NOT need any more bottled water, mustard or ketchup. We need to collect 600 cans of soda (any kind), and as the date nears we'll also need 500 hot dog buns!  A huge package of hot dog buns sells at Costco for about $2.  Thanks for your donations and help to raise money for our school music program!  The first class to turn in their ticket money earns a reward!  Tickets are $6 for the dinner, the concert is FREE!  Please see the informative letter I sent home with your child in March for details.  Thanks!  :)


Don't miss out on all the FUN in SPARK/ASAP!  Parents, we are currently accepting SPARK/ASAP enrollment forms for the 2014/2015 school year.  The forms are available in the office and in the SPARK/ASAP program.  If you have any questions, please call Sheng Vang at 530-276-6416.


Permanent Reminders:


·          Parents, please do not park in the bus loading zone in the front of the school even for a short time loading or unloading students.   Please use the parking lot next to the gym. 

·          Also, if your student takes the bus, please remind them that they need to get to the bus area right after school.  They should not be going out to play basketball because they are missing their bus.  Remind your student not to wander into the street or into the bus lanes.

·          If you plan on leaving for a trip, please notify the office at least 5 days prior to leaving.

·          Parents:  Please be aware that if you are on the volunteer list and have had fingerprints done, you must fill out a new volunteer request form EVERY school year but you do NOT need to redo fingerprints.  Please be sure to fill out the volunteer request form as soon as possible so we can use you as a volunteer on field trips and other school functions this school year.  You can get the form at our District Office.

·          Parents:  Please make sure that your student wears garments that are long enough over their tights, leggings, or nylons.  Garments must be no shorter than fingertips when arms are hanging straight down.

·          Parents:  Please be aware that student visitors are not allowed during the school day.  The only time student visitors are allowed is with pre-arranged permission (forms to fill out, principal approval) and only during the morning before school starts and during lunch time.  Visitors must be the same grade as the student they are visiting. 

Please access this website to get information regarding Common Core http://pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2583

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