C.K. Price Middle School
Daily Bulletin

TIGER TRACKS               


Friday, August 29, 2014

Volume 1 Issue 9




ZERO PERIOD in Room 13 7:45 - 8:20


Today's Birthdays:       Jacob Allen, Ricardo Cazares, Hirvin Ferrer, Makenzie Hilstad, Hayden Sotak


Today's Lunch Special: chicken patty sandwich with tater tots


Music students:  Music t-shirt and sweatshirt money is due TODAY!  $12 for t-shirts, $35 for sweatshirts.  Please make sure checks are made payable to C. K. Price Middle School.


Students and families, if you picked up an application during Back to School Night for Education Talent Search, please return the completed application to the office as soon as possible so we can get you enrolled in the program. The office has extra copies of the application for those who want one.


The ball cart is now available during lunch. To get a ball, you must give Mrs. Martinez your backpack. You will get your backpack returned when you return the ball. The ball cart will last as long as students treat the privilege with respect


Remember that our PE teachers will be reviewing, modeling and helping enforce our dress code policy. Both the PE locker rooms and our school office have loaner shirts available to students who arrive to school in inappropriate clothing.


Attention all 7/8th grade soccer players!   Be on the lookout for soccer signups on Proctor's door (room 19) on Tuesday, September 3.  Tryouts will be Thursday, September 5!


Gifted and Talented Enrichment Class will be held in Room 5 on Tuesdays. The first class will be September 2nd.  All C.K. GATE students are welcome. The next testing for the GATE program will be at the end of September or early November.


August              29               Assembly Schedule

September       1                  HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL

                            2                  GATE in Room 5  3:00

                                                Volleyball in Willows  3:45

                            3                  FV Back to School Night

                            4                  MS Back to School Night

                                                Volleyball at Maywood  3:00

                            5                  Back to School Dance  6:00 - 8:00 pm  COUNTRY WESTERN THEME

                            10                Modified Day

                                                Volleyball at Notre Dame, Chico  4:00

                            11                 Volleyball Tourney at Willows

                            16                                Volleyball at Maywood  3:45

                            17                                Modified Day

                            18                Assembly Schedule / Cookie Dough Rally

                                                Volleyball - HOME - Willows

                            19                                Latina Youth Leadership Conference

                            23               Volleyball - HOME - Notre Dame

                            24               Modified Day

                            25                Volleyball - HOME 0 Chico Christian

                            30               Volleyball at Vista  4:00



1st period                                 8:25 -   9:03

2nd period                                9:07 -   9:45

3rd period                                 9:49 - 10:27

4th period                               10:31 - 11:09

5th/Lunch A                            11:13 - 11:51

5th/Lunch B                            11:55 - 12:33

6th period                               12:37 -   1:15

7th period                                 1:19 -   1:57

  Assembly                              2:01 -   2:57



September     1          HOLIDAY - LABOR DAY - NO SCHOOL

                        3          FV Back to School Night

                        4          MS Back to School Night

                        5          Back to School Dance  6:00 - 8:00 pm

September  8         School Site Council

                        10        Modified Day

                        17        Modified Day

                        22        Anti Bullying Parent Night  6:30 - 8:30


Students and families, if you picked up an application during Back to School Night for Education Talent Search, please return the completed application to the office as soon as possible so we can get you enrolled in the program. The office has extra copies of the application for those who want one.


Please consider joining our School Site Council. We have two open seats for parents this year. Site Council meets the second Monday of the month for approximately an hour after school. The council members work together to revise and approve our school's academic, safety and parent involvement plans. The first meeting of the year is September 8 where members will be trained and an election ballot will be finalized. Please let the office know if you would like more information.


Permanent Reminders:


·          Parents, please do not park in the bus loading zone in the front of the school even for a short time loading or unloading students.   Please use the parking lot next to the gym. 

·          Also, if your student takes the bus, please remind them that they need to get to the bus area right after school.  They should not be going out to play basketball because they are missing their bus.  Remind your student not to wander into the street or into the bus lanes.

·          If you plan on leaving for a trip, please notify the office at least 5 days prior to leaving.

·          Parents:  Please be aware that if you are on the volunteer list and have had fingerprints done, you must fill out a new volunteer request form EVERY school year but you do NOT need to redo fingerprints.  Please be sure to fill out the volunteer request form as soon as possible so we can use you as a volunteer on field trips and other school functions this school year.  You can get the form at our District Office.

·          Parents:  Please make sure that your student wears garments that are long enough over their tights, leggings, or nylons.  Garments must be no shorter than fingertips when arms are hanging straight down.

·          Parents:  Please be aware that student visitors are not allowed during the school day.  The only time student visitors are allowed is with pre-arranged permission (forms to fill out, principal approval) and only during the morning before school starts and during lunch time.  Visitors must be the same grade as the student they are visiting. 

Please access this website to get information regarding Common Core http://pta.org/parents/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2583
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